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Increase efficiency by having full control of your organization

Work Flow Management Features:

  • Define organization structure including designations, category and employees.
  • Define/ Import contacts including customers and other than customers.
  • Define work type master along with sub work
  • Define holiday master
  • Prepare proposals/ estimates for customers.
  • Upon confirmation of proposal allocate work to employees along with a timeline and estimated time (in hrs.) to complete the job. Such work could be one-time work or repetitive work (monthly/ Quarterly or Annually).
  • Each employee is provided with a diary to view his work and record his/her daily activity, with the option to mark completion or approval of work.
  • Inward/ Outward register with auto alerts to the concerned person.
  • User management to control access to various activities like allocate/ transfer work, accessing various masters, etc.

Key Features:

  • Increase efficiency by having full control of your organization.
  • Manage attendance
  • Track progress of ongoing assignments along with time spent and cost incurred.
  • Keep eye on work(s) which exceeds estimated time or have slipped deadlines.
  • Generate time sheets job wise, employee wise or client wise.
  • User management to have control over hierarchal rights.

Reports in WFM:

  • Attendance
  • Job Register
  • Timesheets
  • Expected vs Actual time spent for a job, client or employee-wise
  • List of jobs exceeding deadlines

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